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The Single Girls Club USA (TSGC) is a community of single women who have formed a support system within various stages of their life journey to connect, build friendships, grow professionally, entrepreneurially and experience life on their terms.


The Single Girls Club Experience contains an array of experiences which includes the Single Girls Club Conference, Power Dating ™, Single Girls Talk and Single Girls Who Brunch.


 TSGC connects & empowers single women to live, Laugh, Learn, Love & Enjoy their Single life to the fullest!




The Single Girls Club mission is to provide single females with the tools needed to "Live their BEST life NOW- Single”! Through an online community and lifestyle event experiences, The Single Girls Club is a movement in the tune of  "All Things Single”.


Our  “living, laughing, learning, loving ME!" mantra powers us forward in everything we do.







The TSGC Conference launched in 2105 and has grown to a 7 City Tour  with a focus on empowering women in love, life, business, finance, health and wellness.  Expected attendance: 200+ female influencers in each city.


Stacii Jae Johnson’s Power Dating™ brings together male and female influencers making power connections to become power couples.  Expected attendance: 100+ male and female influencers in each city.


The Single Girls Who Brunch experience where women come together for fine dining, networking and empowerment. Expected attendance: 200+ female influencers in each city.


Single Girls Talk (SGT)  is a hour of power hosted by Stacii Jae Johnson and co-hosted by a male celebrity guest. During SGT single ladies ask the questions they want answered. The topic of conversation is around dating, love and relationships. Real Questions. Real Answers. NO TALK IS OFF LIMITS!

       My goal is to change the face of what single looks like for women 25 and over. I’m living, laughing, learning, loving ME!  Educating, inspiring and empowering…that’s The Single Girls Club Experience



- Stacii Jae


The Single Girls Club ‘Celebrating Single Day' is a movement to encourage single girls everywhere to embrace being single. 40% of the women in the US alone are single, 60% of that percentage have never been married. For every 100 unmarried  women in the US, there are 88 unmarried men.


Single people now outnumber married people in America. In Europe, the average age at which women first marry is 30 or older in many countries. Globally, women are getting married, if at all, much later in life.


As a community of women we have to empower ourselves to retrain our minds; find authentic celebratory joy in life’s journey as a single woman; shift the paradigm of how we raise our young girls to make sure they have the tools to survive in life as a single woman, full, whole and satisfied.


TSGC 'Celebrating Single Day' is not meant to exclude the importance of marriage and family, but instead to balance the scales a bit more as a community. A female, “single," deserves to live her life with just as much vigor, energy and excitement as should a married woman with a family.  The Single Girls Club 'Celebrating Single Day' is national movement created by Single Girls Club Founder, Stacii Jae Johnson, that single women come together all across the world to make a focused and united demonstration as single women to power forward with The Single Girls Club ‘living, laughing, learning, loving ME!’ mantra.


TSGC ‘Celebrating Single Day’ is annually held on February 14th. On this day, single women rise up together to celebrate sisterhood and the TSGC ‘living, laughing, learning, loving ME!’ journey. Single women in each community nationally have the freedom to make that celebratory expression their own; They can plan an event, a march, a girl’s night out, a day that they honor each other; Whatever it is they want to do on TSGC 'Celebrating Single Day' they do.


As a result, a global solidarity within the single girl community is created that powers forward in a force of energy that embraces being single and living life to the fullest as a single woman and brings being single, whole and happy central stage.


The Single Girls Club is not on a mission to change the social attitudes of the masses, but to educate and give single women the tools to be empowered to live an inspired and whole life as a single woman. We want single women to celebrate the highs, the lows and the in between as they progress through on their single journey.

"The Single Girls Club “Living, Loving, Laughing, Learning ME!” Experience was beyond amazing. Being able to be in a room full of single women and see the energy, excitement, and self love showed me that being single isn't about being lonely and miserable but about living the life you want. To be given the opportunity to learn from successful, educated, and beautiful women help me walk away with tips for personal and professional growth. It was life changing in many ways that moving forward I will be able to make wiser decisions. I recommend anyone to take part of this experience because it may just be one person story or one person advice that may give you the answers your looking for. Thanks Stacii Jae for given me this opportunity and I look forward to growing with you and the club!! "

~Princess Wallace

"My biggest take away from The Single Girls Club “Living, Loving, Laughing, Learning ME!” Experience, was first being about to network and meet so many different women and build relationships. I would absolutely recommend the conference to other single women.  The speakers were amazing it created a domino effect for me to "Invest in my own personal growth"; it inspired me to start my own Real Estate Investing business. This conference just helped me gain my confidence and fire back. Plus I got to meet some women who I hope to soon be able to call friends. The content, the speakers and the ability to network with other single women made the experience great! it was nice to be around women who were in similar situations and I could relate to."

~Latoya Long

"I am truly honored to have been selected as an honoree for such an amazing organization as The Single Girls Club, "Living, Loving, Laughing, Learning ME!" Experience.  I would highly recommend other single women that are not afraid to live life as a Strong Single Woman not waiting on a man to complete her, but yet preparing for Mr. Right when he comes.  Although I was unable to attend the actual event, I still followed the event through Social Media and hope to attend the next event! I applaud Stacii Jae for following her heart and creating an opportunity for Single Women to embrace themselves. "

"It has been a while since I attended the Single Girls Club Experience and while the buzz of the event has died down a bit, the lessons that I learned still remain strong. Stacii provided a safe space for women to be open and honest about what it s to be single. Her speakers and panelists empowered us to stand in our place of truth, even while challenging us to move our comfort zone. In addition to the world class speakers, the environment set the tone for what would be a life changing experience. As a 27 year old woman, it was exactly what I needed from top to bottom. I am proud to be honored at an event that was executed in such excellence. If you have an opportunity to be part of this experience, I recommend that you do not miss it!"

~Jamika Edwards

~Natasha Kinnard

"Being able to attend The Single Girl's Conference was amazing. It was inspirational, empowering and loving. The speakers were phenomenal. The connections made were life changing. I look forward to supporting TSGC Experience.”

"I can not express how much today has meant!! I learned a lot about myself!! Not to be Ashamed of where I am in this season of my life. I was Prayed for,Cried With,Received some Hard Truths, Transformed,Laughed and so much More!! I Love You For Making Today Possible!! Thanks for this. Amazing Experience!!! Since the Event I am still keeping and Using everything I learned at this event! I can now say with confidence that I am dating, and NOT necessarily one particular guy but having an amazing time during my singles season learning, maturing,and growing for my soon to be Husband! Love you always for this Experience!!"

~Kim McCarter

~Xzandria Armstrong

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Single Girls Club Dining Event

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